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Modern day Reiki owes everything to Mikao Usui who re-discovered Reiki back in 1922. It is believed that Reiki was a forgotten healing gift that had been practiced by Tibetan monks many hundreds of years previously. Following many years of searching Mikao Usui was attuned to the Reiki energy following a period of 21 days of meditation on Mount Kurama.

It is believed that he found enlightenment and formulated a technique for providing healing using himself as a facilitator of an energy that surrounds all living things and is termed “Universal Life Force Energy”.

He stubbed his toe whilst on Mount Kurama and placed his hands around it to his surprise the pain left his toe, and falling other such experiences he realized that he was now attuned to use a natural healing energy that he had searched for over many years.

All living things are subject to their own surroundings and with-it the stresses, tensions and negativity that life can bring to all of us. Mikao Usui formulated a technique for hands on healing that recognized that the energy that surrounds us could be out of balance and when this was the case, we were susceptible to illness both emotionally and physically.

My self has a Reiki Master teacher is a mere facilitator armed with the knowledge and attunements to use the Reiki energy to the betterment of the recipient by working with that persons energy to restore balance back into that persons life.

Through scanning a persons body with my hovered hands I am able to establish areas of need and through a treatment that works through chakra points and areas of need will work with the recipient to establish a better balance in the energy of that person both from the inside and out.

A series of hand positions are used in conjunction with my own intuition to provide a treatment catered to the individual requirements of the recipient.