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Are you looking to commence your Reiki training and in particular are looking for Reiki training in Skegness, Lincolnshire? If the answer to that is “Yes” then I’m sure that you will find the information you need to make an informed choice not only in what Reiki can offer you through starting a Reiki training course, but also through seeing more about myself Garry Hewlett Reiki Master Teacher and what I provide through my Reiki training courses.

Situated in Friskney, I’m ideally placed to provide anyone who is looking for Reiki training in Skegness and surrounding villages for that matter with all levels of Reiki courses through levels 1 to 4.

You can find out more below:

Reiki is such a wonderful and rewarding energy to experience and provide to others. There are four levels of Reiki starting from Reiki level one, followed by Reiki level two, which is also known as the practitioner level. There are two more levels, Reiki Level three, or as it is better known the Master level and lastly Reiki level 4 or Reiki Teachers level.

Apart from the training which is outlined in summary below, you are attuned to the Reiki energy at each level, all of which makes the experience and delivery of Reiki that more intense at each Reiki level you progress to. Below you can now read more about each level and who it is suited to and who will benefit, all courses come with certification at the end of the course or following satisfactory completion of case studies at Reiki level two.

Reiki Level One

Reiki level one in my opinion is a self awareness level where you are introduced to the basic concept of Reiki, its history and origins and how to apply it to provide treatments upon yourself. There is scope to also treat family and loved ones and pets at this level. However, although I cover this within the scope of the course, I firmly believe that you should view this level from an introductory standpoint and I teach this level on that basis.

The course involves both demonstration and practical involvement and is taught from the use of a detailed Reiki level one manual for which you receive your own manual to keep and refer to.

A Full course outline Click Here

Reiki Level Two (A.K.A The Practitioner Level) 

If you have already completed Reiki level one and are looking to either improve upon your techniques and knowledge or pursue Reiki for a living then Reiki level two is your next step.

Reiki level two and your journey continues, the fun really begins as you are opened up to the world of discovering Reiki symbols, three of them that intensify your experience, and how to use these alongside a treatment technique to this point also new to you. Reiki two is all about providing you with the tools, the treatment techniques, the legal and personal considerations involved in providing Reiki to others and your responsibilities when doing so.

How to set up in business, what is needed from the practicalities right through to the need for insurance and deciding upon your workplace are all covered.

If you are interested in pursuing Reiki Level Two, you should now look at the full course outline for the Reiki Practitioner course, Click Here

Reiki Level Three (A.K.A. The Master Level) 

Reiki level two is where you learn your groundwork for all else that follows. At Reiki level three or the Master level you are introduced to another symbol that empowers everything else to that point in such a way to make the use of all the symbols that more significant.

Reiki Master level also allows you to pursue additional treatment techniques that not only enhance the feeling received through the recipient, but also provide you as a Master practitioner the ability to have more flexibility on how you provide Reiki and the time in providing that Reiki. You learn a technique that can provide the benefit of one hours treatment in a 15 to 20 minute period, however I would always promote providing your client with a 1 hour treatment and was is termed a Reiki boost in the time you are saving.

A full course outline for the Reiki Masters course can be seen here. Click Here

Reiki Level Four (A.K.A The Reiki Teachers Level)

This may appear slightly self explanatory, but at this level not only do you learn how to conduct a course, but you are given all the tools required to successfully run your own training days at which ever level you are approached for. This includes all the manuals for each level, copies of paper work you require, certificate templates and additional appendices to the main manuals are all supplied to add value to your Reiki Teachers course.

Here again if you want the specific outline of this course, please Click Here