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Reiki Teachers Level Four Degree £350.00

So here we are at the end or is it the beginning of a journey, well that is up to the individual. Reiki Teachers level four degree is where you discover how to bring together everything you have been taught to this point and how to apply it through your own courses and the teaching of others.

No doubt at this stage you have not only the desire to provide treatments to others through sharing this valuable gift, but through your own Reiki practice wish to pass on what you have learned through teaching this knowledge to those who want to follow a similar path.

The aim of the day will be to attune students with the level 4 Teachers attunement. This will enable the student to channel the universal life energy more powerfully for the goodness of self healing, healing of loved ones, animals and other things. Students at this stage will also learn how to give attunement ceremonies that in turn will allow the knowledge of this healing system to be passed onto others.

Reiki Level 4 The Teachers Course Outline

  1. Questions and Answers from your experiences with Reiki 1,2,3 & 4 to check prior knowledge and understanding.
  2. To create protected time and space to perform the Reiki Initiation attunement ceremony.
  3. To introduce the students to the ceremony procedure and explain how it is used.
  4. To explain the variety of add on that can be added to a ceremony if you so wish.
  5. To discuss the ethics of operating a Reiki practice.
  6. To practice giving the Reiki ceremony attunement for levels 1, 2 ,3 and 4 using all the symbols as shown in all the respective manuals.
  7. Discover the importance of the Hui Yin method of strengthening the healing felt by the  recipient.
  8. Learn what is important to discuss when running your own courses and what you must teach every time you run a course. We will cover aspects throughout all the manuals you have received up to this point.
  9. To discuss why it is important to give as much information as possible.
  10. To demonstrate how a lesson plan works.

On completion of the course, you will receive an illustrated Reiki Manual, the Teachers Fourth Degree Reiki Certificate as well as on-going support and advice.

Additionally you will receive hard copies of all manuals, disclaimers, booking forms, consent forms, promotional ideas, and a CD containing everything you will require to start your own practice and run your own course.

We welcome enquiries for our Reiki level four or as it is better known Reiki Teachers courses from anywhere over Lincolnshire, but given our location and training facilities, we would predominantly be positioned geo-graphically form those who are looking to commence their Reiki Level four or Reiki Teachers training and live in Skegness, Boston, Spilsby, Friskney and surrounding villages.

Reiki Level 4  Teachers, one-day course costs £350.00

For more information please ring 07810-111076  or use the contact form if you wish to ask any further questions or book a place. Click on contact